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PUSEN Single-Use Cystoscope


PUSEN Single-Use Cystoscope





suction control
dual working channel for multiple instruments
dual light source on the cystoscope
HD image
One to one torque for maneuvarability
210 degrees



Dual Light Source

Dual working channel

HD Image

One-to-One Torque

210° Passive Deflection up/ down

Features & Benefits

210° Degree Deflection up and down: dual 210-degree deflection capability empowers surgeons to access stones in all poles of the kidney.

Streamlined Design for Enhanced Compatibility: With its slim design, the Pusen Cystoscope is now compatible with a 16/17Fr Mini-PCNL Sheath. This compatibility reduces invasiveness and promotes smoother insertion, minimising patient discomfort and optimising surgical efficiency.

Suction control: Incorporating a suction function improves irrigation and promotes increased visibility.

Dual Instrument Access: Allowing surgeons to utilise multiple devices within the working channel. This versatility enhances the surgeon's ability to perform complex manoeuvres and employ various techniques, ultimately contributing to more successful outcomes.

Seamless Integration with Stack Systems: The Pusen Cystoscope can be effortlessly connected to stack systems, eliminating the need for surgeons to switch between screens during procedures. Used with the PV300.

One-to-one Torque: offers superior manoeuvrability when trying to navigate the scope. 

210 degrees
working channel of the cystoscope
suction control
working channel of the cystoscope
HD image
one to one torque for maneuvarability

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Introducing the latest advancement in urological diagnostics and treatment: the Pusen Cystoscope, a state-of-the-art single-use instrument designed to meticulously investigate underlying causes, signs, or symptoms pertaining to bladder conditions, as well as to facilitate Mini Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures. Noteworthy among its enhanced features is the inclusion of a sophisticated suction control mechanism, facilitating improved irrigation and surgeon visibility.


— Mr Christopher Chalklin, Consultant Transplant Surgeon

Thank you, Connor, for allowing me to trial your company's flexible cystoscope. I found it simple to use and ergonomically well-designed. I was very impressed with the quality of the image on the screen and the fact that videos/pictures can be recorded. The product was also easy to use alongside disposable grasping forceps. In summary, I would be happy to continue using this product and support its use among my colleagues. I am also impressed by the costings, and I believe it will save us a significant amount of money year-on-year.

-Dr Guy Grain

The scope was very comfortable to hold and handle, and the passive deflection made it much more comfortable to use. Its inflow and outflow ports made bladder irrigation much easier for me. The picture was good quality and I had a good view throughout the cystoscopy. I did not get a chance to use the working channel but this was in a much more convenient location than in other scopes I have used.

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