September 12th, 2012

Here at Halo Centre we pride ourselves on great success stories. We now have HALO Centres across the length and breadth of Britain and help patients who suffer with Piles. Here is a testimonial from one patient who lives in Hampshire, there are many more to read on our website here If you want to know more then please call us for information 020 3198 2424 remember 50% of us will suffer with Piles at some point in our lives.

Dear Sir

I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to have received the HALO operation. Prior to this my condition caused constant discomfort and had an adverse impact on my daily life, as well as restricting my ability to participate in more outdoor and adventurous activities in which I would like to have engaged.

I would thoroughly recommend that anyone suffering from the same condition should immediately go and get booked in for a HALO. The procedure was quick, effectively painless and had no significant residual pain or problems. I felt up to going jogging just 2 days afterwards. In my opinion the operation has been a complete success on all accounts.

Best Regards
(A much happier!)

Patient : MC – Hampshire


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