March 30th, 2012

Dear Mr Middleton

Before undergoing the HALO operation, it was very difficult to partake in all activities, including the simple things in life, such as hill walking. The procedure provided a quick and easy solution to a condition, which caused years of pain and sometimes embarrassment, which I had suffered with since the age of 15. I only wish that the HALO procedure existed sooner, as it puts your life back on track almost immediately after the operation.

There was a slight discomfort after the operation however this was far outweighed by the knowledge of the long term benefits I would gain after a full recovery. One week after the operation, I flew to New Jersey, USA, without problems and carried on with my life confidently and without restrictions.

This procedure has improved my life dramatically and I strongly recommend HALO to anybody who is held back by this unfortunate condition.

Alison Robinson

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