March 30th, 2012

Dear Sir

I write to express my thanks for the procedure completed by you at the Hampshire Clinic. I required a haemorrhoidectomy and on your advice a “stapled” procedure was chosen. I wish to express my satisfaction with the nature of my recovery. Within a day or two I was walking without discomfort and within a week I had returned to work. The hemorrhoids have completely disappeared and I now experience none of the associated discomfort I was in prior to the operation.

From my understanding. The alternative procedure(s) require considerably greater recovery periods and involve more unpleasant surgical wounds. I am pleased to say that I have suffered no ill-effects from this procedure and have experienced a complete recovery from the condition.

Please feel free to quote or reproduce this letter if it can encourage others to undergo or advocate this procedure.

Yours truly

Patient : BH – Basingstoke

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